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Registry Commander 3.1

Registry Commander is a tool designed to replace the old registry editor
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If you are looking at different options to modify and manage your registry, or another option that the windows registry editor of your operating system, Registry Commander could be one option for the thing that you are looking for. This is a freeware software that provides multiple options to explore and modify our registry, is very easy to use and install, you will need to have knowledge about the registry use, because in that if you modify the wrong keys depending of what program you use, you will affect main functions of the operating system causing a total mess with it.

The software will provides us the same options of the windows registry editor (regedit) for the modification and search of the registry keys; also it will provide other multiple options to configure letting us to personalize it. Some of these options are: the list view, play sound file after any modification, the selection of different fonts and colors in the different screens, the bookmark, search and copy of favorite’s configuration, and the color of the flags of the different registry keys.

The only limitations that we are going to notice with the software is that we can’t copy or move a key from one registry root to another and that in the edition of binary values this software not would work so good as other registry editors.

Jose Ruiloba
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  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Use
  • Visual configuration
  • Bookmark of favorites configuration
  • History of Modifications


  • It is only for Windows operating system. Based on the Windows Registry Editor
  • You couldn’t copy or move a key from one registry root to another
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